When a Death Occurs

When a Death Occurs at Home: When a loved one passes away unexpectedly, without prior home health care or hospice arrangements, it's crucial to take specific steps to ensure a smooth process during this challenging time. Your initial call should be to local authorities or emergency services. When they arrive, it's essential to inform them […]

Veterans Benefits

Our veterans deserve to be honored and recognized for their sacrifices. This is especially true after they pass away, whether that death was service related or not. Veterans and their families may be able to receive monetary allowances to reimburse certain burial related expenses, honorary tributes as part of a funeral or memorial service, and […]

Planning Ahead

Thinking about end-of-life care and planning might be uncomfortable, but it's a crucial step for several reasons. Preplanning offers peace of mind and helps ease the stress for your loved ones during a challenging time. It ensures that your personal preferences are honored, can cover funeral costs, and simplifies the planning process for your family. […]

Funeral Etiquette

Attending a funeral is often a rare occasion, and it's common to feel uncertain about the appropriate etiquette. People naturally wish to offer comfort, support, and love to those grieving, yet navigating the social expectations of funerals and end-of-life ceremonies can be challenging. While every funeral or memorial service is unique, here are some practical […]


Grief is a natural reaction to loss and yet people can sometimes be surprised by their feelings following a death. We all process grief differently, but being able to work through your emotions and manage your feelings is an important part of the healing process. There is a wealth of information about the stages of […]

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