When a Death Occurs

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When a Death Occurs at Home:

When a loved one passes away unexpectedly, without prior home health care or hospice arrangements, it's crucial to take specific steps to ensure a smooth process during this challenging time. Your initial call should be to local authorities or emergency services. When they arrive, it's essential to inform them if there is an advanced directive or do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order in place. Medical professionals will typically confirm the passing and contact the local coroner or medical examiner for an official declaration.

If your loved one had home-based end-of-life care services, reaching out to that agency for guidance and updates can often streamline the process without involving additional authorities. If you've already chosen a funeral home for these arrangements, feel free to contact them to arrange the transportation of your loved one into their care. In certain cases, the coroner might require extra time to complete an investigation into the cause of death. They will provide instructions during this period. If you haven't pre-selected a funeral home, you can take some time to make that decision thoughtfully.

During this waiting period, it's important not to attempt to move your loved one or make any changes to your home. If you wish, you can spend some time saying your goodbyes before their transportation to the mortuary or coroner's office. Ensure the home is secured, including valuables and property, after the authorities leave. Also, make arrangements for the immediate care of any pets.

When a Death Occurs at a Hospital or Care Facility

When a death occurs in a hospital or care facility, the staff will assist in coordinating the discharge process. You may need to clarify whether the facility will notify your chosen funeral home about the death or if you need to contact them directly. The timeline for your loved one's release into the funeral home's care may vary, but the facility's staff will keep you updated throughout the process. In many cases, hospice facilities pre-arrange end-of-life plans and handle all the necessary details after a death occurs.

When a Death Occurs Away From Home

If your loved one passes away while away from home, first responders or local authorities must confirm the cause of death before releasing the deceased to a funeral home. You'll need to choose a funeral home near your location to manage the immediate arrangements and transportation back home, if desired. The local funeral home will collaborate with your hometown funeral home to ensure the seamless transfer of your loved one into their care or make any other necessary arrangements. We are here to provide the support and guidance you need during these challenging moments.

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